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Christophe Licoppe

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Professional photographer based in Brussels, Christophe Licoppe has been doing his passion since age 12.
After having lived in France for most of his childhood, he came back to Brussels at age 18 to study photography at the INRACI. Thanks to the technical skills he learned there, and to the numerous spontaneous internships he did, Christophe quickly made a name for himself in press photography.
Mixing personal projects alongside professional orders, he keeps on capturing impactful photographs, sometimes social, sometimes esthetic, sometimes quirky.
Christophe Licoppe is now part of the team at agency Photo News as press photographer.


Ma (mes) langue(s) de travail :
Ma (mes) fonction(s) :
Journaliste (photo)
Mes domaines de compétences :
Culture / Art : Photographie

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